Shedding Some Light on Your Landscape

Shedding Some Light on Your Landscape

If there is one element that I consider essential in any landscape project, it is landscape lighting.  With people’s busy schedules, most of the time spent in the yard is in the evening.  These lighting systems have quickly become the most valuable way of extending the enjoyment of your landscape. The magical look that the lights create draws you in.  Your landscape will feel more like a refuge.  It really is the finishing touch for any landscape.

It Is All About The Base

It Is All About The Base

Whenever we get called in to do an interlock repair the cause is almost always the same: the gravel base.  This part of a patio or driveway that no one sees is crucial to the longevity of the project.  As landscapers In the Kemptville and Winchester area, we are fortunate to have numerous gravel quarries within minutes of town.  The proper selection of the type of gravel is just as critical as the thickness.


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