If there is one element that I consider essential in any landscape project, it is landscape lighting.  With people’s busy schedules, most of the time spent in the yard is in the evening.  These lighting systems have quickly become the most valuable way of extending the enjoyment of your landscape. The magical look that the lights create draws you in.  Your landscape will feel more like a refuge.  It really is the finishing touch for any landscape.

Our Personal Experience:

I often find myself staring out the window at how nice our yard looks in the late evening.  I joke that my lovely wife was the most difficult customer I ever had to sell to.  She was adamant that she did not want lighting in our garden and did not want to waste electricity on more lights.  I went ahead and set them up anyway.  I showed her that with the power of a typical strand of Christmas LED lights we could have such a warm and welcoming front entrance, which was previously quite dark. It is now much safer to walk up our stone steps at night.  She loved the transformation, and we are still happily married.

You cannot help but want to spend more time sitting out enjoying the outdoors well into the evening.  I can also confirm that it has very little effect on star gazing in the country, the low voltage path lights and modest up-lights do not create the same atmospheric haze effect you see with much brighter high voltage lighting.  The whole philosophy behind landscape lighting is to use as little light as possible and to only light the areas that are most visually interesting rather than washing the entire yard in a bright light.

Looking Down Stone Steps at Night in South Mountain, ON

Modern Technology Makes it Easy:

With LED technology and even Bluetooth enabled timers we find these systems to be completely trouble free and easy on the electricity bill.  There is no need to adjust timers throughout the seasons as the system automatically adjusts all this for you.  There really is no good reason not to spend more time admiring in your beautiful property – even in the dark.

To see more photos of landscape lighting view our portfolio.  If you would like to see what can be done to accent your property at night please contact us for a free consultation.