With the quality of finishes inside the home improving from linoleum to ceramic tile and laminate counter tops to granite. Why not invest in the beauty and permanence of interlock for the driveway? We have all seen what 20 year old asphalt looks like, but I have seen many 30 year old paver driveways that still look immaculate.  The driveway is often the first impression of the home, and with the push towards environmentally friendly materials, permeable pavers are a great solution.

What does an interlock driveway do better than Asphalt?

  • The Look – There is simply no comparison between the boring monochrome black fading to grey of asphalt and the myriad of colours, textures, patterns, and shapes to choose from with interlock these days. You can see some ideas HERE.

  • Longevity – Modern interlock installation specifications look nothing like those of 30 years ago.  With multiple layers of geosynthetic and reinforcement grids embedded in the compacted gravel, there is really no excuse for any movement caused by frost heave or improper compaction.  The other major advantage of modern concrete used in interlock is the strength compared to poured in place or stamped concrete.  Ultima Concrete used by Unilock in their premium pavers is proven to be 4x the strength of poured in place concrete to better resist plow scrapes and daily wear and tear.

  • Repairs – With an asphalt driveway, most major repairs involve cutting and repouring a section to correct pot holes or settlement.  Not so with interlock – simply lift the affected area regrade the gravel underneath and the same pavers can be easily reinstalled with fresh polymeric sand.  This makes the repair of seamless and invisible. 

  • Environmental – Longer lasting materials that are infinitely repairable are certainly a better option even if installed conventionally.  Add to that the option of a completely permeable base using open graded stone and you have a great way to help deal with stormwater run-off from one of the largest solid surface areas on your property.  This helps cities reduce combined sewage overflow events and helps replenish groundwater reserves that our trees and aquifers need.

If you feel that the permanence beauty of an interlock driveway is right for you, contact us to set up an in-home consultation today.